West Pier

I am becoming increasingly aware of the subtle drop in sea temperature. It has given me a nagging feeling of the impending end of summer weather and opportunities for longer swims. Not digging life on land much this week, I decided to search for some head-space in the sea.

West Pier


Due to feeling the temperature cool, and solo nature of the swim, I dug out my wetsuit for the first time since Ardingly in June. It wasn’t as bad as I remember and although a little restrictive around the arms, gave me confidence as extra buoyancy and jelly armour.

Boat lane


Setting off in slack water at almost high tide, the sun was shining and I knew this was the right thing to do. As always, it took a km or so to find my stride. Swimming in line with the buoys along Hove Lawns, the usual thoughts of jellyfish filled my head. I kept on swimming – focusing on body and breath – past the boating lane to West Pier.

WP bouy


I bobbed for a while, appreciating the solace and admiring the view. Admittedly eyeing up Palace Pier. The current had started to push West with some force, so I decided to enjoy the ride home.

Two jet-skis, one lifeboat, zero jellyfish and almost an hour and a half later I washed up on the beach, shipwrecked and tranquil.



  1. You have a way with words Frejya and I’m impressed by your solo swim, not sure i’m ready for that yet…amazing pics too…i’ll Be waiting for the next instalment!

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  2. Lovely hearing about your adventure and so completely understanding the feeling that the cooler water is leaving….farewell summer!


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