Sea swimming. Why not?

Previously I was a dedicated follower of the black line at King Alfred Leisure Centre. Up and down for miles and miles. Getting to know the habits of the pool regulars such as ‘Axe Murderer’ and ‘Red Lipstick Lady’ (how that lipstick stayed on I’ll never know). An experienced diplomat in the frustrations of lane politics, I longed for more freedom in my swim. I recall one Thursday – aqua aerobics evening – we were down to two public lanes. That was the moment I decided I would be a crouton in the human soup no longer. The next day, I bought a wetsuit from Brighton Beach Bikes.

On the 3rd June 2017, after 10 minutes of struggling, wriggling and tugging, my new wetsuit was on and I was ready for my first sea swim. It may only have lasted five minutes, but I overcame the voice in my head saying, “SHARK,” on repeat and I did it.

It has been a magical journey. Connecting with the sea swimming community in Brighton and Hove, meeting some truly inspiring people that have encouraged me to swim further, rougher and colder than I thought was possible.

New Toy
The first swim – 3rd June 2017